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50th Anniversary dinner course: Sukiyaki dinner

  • Specail Offer
Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese beef hot pot.
Please enjoy making your own pot by heating some ingredients at your table.
*Reservation required until the day before
*Two orders minimum

*** Sukiyaki dinner course ***
・Today's sashimi
・Assorted tempura
・Sukiyaki pot
~Wagyu beef loin, Soshu beef shoulder loin
Assorted vegetables, grilled tofu, wheat gluten, sliced kudzu, raw egg
・Miso soup


 *The contents of the menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.


hours: 5:45pm - 10:00pm (Last in 8:00pm)
*Reservation Only - dinner table is 2-part system: 5:45pm or 8:00pm
Our Kaiseki course offers a full spread of dishes with bountiful seasonal delights.

Kaiseki Course : Miyabi\14,000 /Akane ¥11,500/Shizuku ¥9,000
*The above rates include service charge and tax

*** Kaiseki Course Menu ***
We have prepared 3 couses by changing the ingredients we serve according to the price.
Sashimi/Seasonal raw fish sliced into pieces
Yakimomo/Grilled seafood or meat dish
Nimono/Simmered seasonal mixed vegetables
Mushimono/Steamed dish
Agemono/Assorted fish and vegetable tempura
Rice and Tomewan/miso-soup
Ko no mono/Pickled vegetables
Mizugashi/Dessert of fruit


hours: 7:00am - 10:00am (Last in 9:30am)

・Ages 7 - 12:¥1,800
・Ages 3 - 6:¥900
*The above rates include service charge and tax
Please proceed at any time between 7:00 and 9:30 in the morning. 

*We do not handle allergies to breakfast buffet
*Buffet content and breakfast hall may change by during consecutive holidays
(New year holiday season/summer and winter vacation season)

Lunch buffet

Western and Chinese Lunch Buffet style (all-you-can-eat 80 min)
hours: 11:30am - 3:00pm
*Open only on Saturdays, Sundays and hoildays
*Each start time:11:30am/11:45am/12:00pm/1:00pm/1:15pm/1:30pm
・Ages 7 - 12:¥2,600
・Ages 3 - 6:¥1,300
*The above rates include service charge and tax
*We cannot deal with food allergy because of buffet style

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